The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is requiring all schools to revise their online courses to include many rule changes as of 8/31/17.

For example, online courses are now self-paced and can be completed in less than 30 hours per course. In the future, the courses will be timed, so that you must spend 30 hours on each course.

Another change is that the course exams (a total of 6) will be required to be proctored. Therefore, we recommend you try to finish your courses by 8/31/17 or be prepared for these upcoming changes.

1) If you cannot complete your courses by 8/31, your unfinished courses will be expired and you will have to take the remaining courses in the new format.

2) Should you be in progress on a course, you will lose your progress and have to start that course from scratch (as mandated by TREC).

3) If you complete some courses before 8/31, you can print your completion certificates and be done with those. Only those courses not completed will be expired and be reissued under the new rules.

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