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Texas Pre-License Training Package

Pre-License Package Option 1

Here at Learn Texas Real Estate Online we offer a complete package of the courses that are required and approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We also include a hefty discount and many free benefits.

Besides the 6 required courses, the following extras are provided to you at no cost:

  • 100% Money-back Guarantee (see details on the MUST READ page)
  • 24-hour trial period/refund
  • National and state exam preps (including over 1400 questions and answers)
  • National and state VIDEO exam preps
  • Choosing a Broker document

All courses are a combination of engaging graphics, games, videos, quizzes, and a final exam. Each course bookmarks when you exit, so you can come back later to the exact same place.

180 Hours Texas Pre-Licensing Package With Exam Preps

Pre-license Package WITH Proctor Service (use our online proctor 24/7) $459

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Pre-license Package WITHOUT Proctor Service (provide your own proctor) $399

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Combo Pre-license/Accelerator Package

The first year as a Texas Salesperson can be challenging, since the Texas Real Estate Commission only requires schools to produce courses to help you pass the state license exam. We take you leaps and bounds beyond that to insure your success by including the Real Estate Accelerator program in this package. Please see the detailed description of what's covered IN ADDITION to your Pre-license training program.

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Real Estate Accelerator Online Video Course and Live Online Coaching v1.0

You´re licensed as a Sales Agent in Texas. Now what?

Real Estate Accelerator is an intensive boot camp program designed to set you up for success in the real estate profession. This course will teach you the right course of action to take once you receive your real estate license. You will leave the class with a solid business plan, marketing plan, income plan, and a firm knowledge of the skills you need to be successful in the business. Click on Register Here for more details.

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List of Courses

Each course is 30 hours and is available with or without Proctoring Service with 6 months of access.

Need to take your time and spread out payments?
Need just one or two courses?
We also offer the convenience of ordering courses individually.
Choose from all the Pre-license courses and exam preps listed below...


WITH Proctor Service $109 | WITHOUT Proctor Service $99


WITH Proctor Service $109 | WITHOUT Proctor Service $99


WITH Proctor Service $109 | WITHOUT Proctor Service $99


WITH Proctor Service $109 | WITHOUT Proctor Service $99


WITH Proctor Service $109 | WITHOUT Proctor Service $99


WITH Proctor Service $109 | WITHOUT Proctor Service $99

Pearson-Vue Online Texas and National Exam preps

Provides unlimited attempts at over 1400 questions. Covers both National and Texas Real Estate Portions (the Qbank) No credit towards training $99

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Online VIDEO Texas and National Exam Preps

Informative and engaging, taught by our TREC-approved instructor, Grace Jenkins. These preps are full videos as well as a PDF workbook and cover both the Texas and National portions. No credit towards training. $130

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“I highly recommend Learn Texas Real Estate Online. I did my research before committing to them and discovered that their state exam pass rate was the best in Texas! Diana Holmes, CEO/President, bent over backwards to assist me and Dearborn’s technical support was a blessing. Fairly priced, with the flexibility to do your coursework 24 hours a day at your convenience – YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!!!” ~ Bill Johnson/Realtor/San Antonio

“Diana, thanks so much for having Tech Support get back to me over the weekend, regarding the Broker practice tests in your exam prep tools. I was able to create custom quizzes to get access to the questions. Took the Broker test this morning and passed both the national and state portions... I'm sure it's all because of the program.” ~ William E.

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