The Texas Real Estate Commission requires all 30 hour course final exams to be proctored.

Proctoring ensures that no cheating occurs when the student takes an exam. Proctoring means an unbiased party must watch you take each exam.  This person cannot be a friend, a relative or anyone who can benefit from you having a real estate license. We recommend finding a volunteer at a library, school or church, as they will sometimes proctor at no charge. If you are purchasing a 6 course Pre-license package, choose our $399 package for this option.

Many students can’t find an appropriate proctor or don’t want the hassle of trying to find one. Therefore, Learn Texas Real Estate Online has partnered with an online proctor service company called ProctorFree.

Basically, all you need is a webcam and speakers, as ProctorFree’s system will video you taking your exams. Their system is designed to detect anomalies such as the student opening a new browser or window, looking down at a book, notes or cell phone, another person entering the room, etc. The video is flagged where any anomalies are present and then reviewed by a human at ProctorFree, as well as Learn Texas Real Estate Online, to ensure no cheating occurred during the testing process. If you want to have your Pre-license package include the proctor service for all 6 exams, choose our $459 option, which has a fee of $10 per exam included.

NOTE: Regardless of which option you choose, all course final exams are closed book/notes. TREC only allows you to have a writing utensil, blank paper and a simple calculator (no letters on it).

Individual courses are also available with or without proctoring services by ProctorFree.

Should you choose the $399 option (or single course option without proctoring) and later decide to purchase proctor services from ProctorFree, please inform Learn Texas Real Estate Online via email, that you want to do so and let us know which exam you want to be proctored by them.  At that time, you will also need to click on the Paypal link below to pay $19 (per exam) before you can take the exam.  That link will allow you to pay using a debit card, a credit card or Paypal.

NOTE: Setting up standalone (those ordered after the fact) proctored exams can take up to 24 hours and can only be set up on weekdays, since one of the three parties involved are not available on weekends or holidays. However, once your exam is set up, you can take it 24/7, since a human is not involved at the video stage. With other schools you may have NO online proctor service available through them or be limited on the days and times you can have access to the proctor service.

You will receive an email from ProctorFree to let you know you are set up and able to take the exam. Click on the links below to learn more about the technical requirements, student support and other FAQ’s. Instructions on how to use their solution will be covered once you get to your exams within the courses…

ProctorFree – Technical Requirements

ProctorFree – Support

Purchase Proctoring Services after the fact at $19 each exam.